My Holidays 🌄🌇🌃🌊

This holidays i went to Hawaii for 10 days i stayed in Honolulu Waikiki. I went to the beach
every day I had a lot of fun in Hawaii i stayed there for Christmas and new years eve.
i went to see the Duke statue every day at the beach i also went to Haleiwa and went to the Eddie Aikua memorial. i also went on a boat ride and got to blow the big shell and saw the new years eve fireworks.
I also saw Hawaii FIVE-0 headquarters i walked up diamond head and saw the crater. But my favorite part about my   holiday was that i saw obama.

THIS PHOTO IS FROM WWW WHITE HOUSE                                        


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  1. Finian at |

    hey josh!
    did you seriously?! you saw Barack! how?, where? that must of been awesome! have you got any info about Diamond head and the crater sounds awesome! how cool was Hawaii 5-0?



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