Cape bridge water coastal Camp Poem 🏞🏖

I hopped on the bus with no fuss                                                                                 after a while we had only be gone as far as a mile. We arrived at camp I stood up ouch I got a cramp after a day we did abseiling yay it was so high when I finished I could not feel my thigh. We stood up well some of us could I stood up about 15 times I felt like a real surfer. We did geo-caching caving and heaps more I really enjoyed sanboarding we went down the dune it was so high it could touch the moon. We saw seals eating meals and some sleeping and leaping. We packed up and said our goodbyes we hopped on the bus one last time we stoped and stared  at the 12 apostles that were there. I saw my parents I was sad that we left but glad that I’m home and tell people what was that I had known.


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  1. ethanh2016 at |

    Hi Josh,
    I really liked how in your poem you switched from one thing to another and i know i couldn’t do something like this.
    Also on the word sandboarding you forgot the “d”.
    Ethan 🙂


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