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The two soldiers


This video was about two soldiers that stole a piece of cloth two make a place in history. They stole as well as that because they wanted to get coughs and they thought convicts did life easier. The judge sentenced them 7 years hard labour with chains and on soldier got ill and could not go on.

soldiers don’t get paid a lot of money and the judge was really tough on giving them hard labour with chains. The convicts did harder time then soldiers because they have to work for everything. The 2 soldiers were stealing to be a convict but it turned out a lot worse.

1. why would you steal to get cought. 

2. How did the guy get sick and die

Dont try to steal for fun because the punishment could be really  Harsh  even if you think convicts did it easier.





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  1. antsclass at |

    Great work Josh!
    You show that you understand the information well and the facts you include describe the main information well. Your questions show you are wondering what it might have been like, and your insight connects what happened to them to summarise an important lesson.
    When you reread your writing before you publish, look carefully at your spelling (there are few words you could fix up), and remember to start all your sentences with a capital, and end your questions with a question mark.
    Well done!


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