100 word challenge🐜🐜🐜

-My goal is to do a informative text

Ants are different some are big some are small there are bull ants small ants some can bite and fight. Ants live in different habitats they mostly like the hot weather they could live in the desert some live in rainy places. Ants are pretty strong they could probably see humans as a threat ants could push a drop of rain but it would just burst like a bubble ants can die from water if a ant could push a rain drop who knows what other things they could do.



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  1. phoebe2014 at |

    Hi Josh,
    I like in this how you made it an information text about ants, instead of the fantasy theme most would aim for. It’s very interesting to learn about ants, I can tell you did a bit of research on this.
    Just remember our punctuation marks and not make the sentences block sentences (I just made that up but what I mean is like no comma).
    Apart from that I think you met your goal really well!


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