100WC slime drip through

How to use slime

1. Now first to use slime you must have to make slime

2. You can choose what colour you want most people do green so it looks yuck.

3. Here are some tricks and tips you can let it drop and pick it up again.

4. To know your slime is done it will be squishy.

5. Slime can work or it can not it is an experiment like putting a mentos in coke.

6. Some tips to do with your friends are let Slime drip through your hands it may feel weird but it is fun.

7. have fun and enjoy

8. Share it to your friends

9. Don’t eat it

10. Don’t forget to share

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  1. antsclass at |

    I love the way you have chosen to experiment with a different genre here. It sounds like you’ve done this before and had lots of fun.
    Great work


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