BTN- 1967 Referendum





This video was about Aboriginals being recognised and to be known as Australian Citzens. They were finally aloud to vote for  elections and take part in the census.

Indigenous people had to face a lot of discrimination they were not even counted as Australian citizens. In 1962, all Indigenous people were aloud to vote in federal elections like everyone else in Australia. In 1965, Indigenous workers stood up against unfair working conditions and for land rights. But in the same year people in University protested against racism and poor living in new south whales. On May 27, 1967 90 per cent of Australians voted ‘yes’ to changing the constitution. Sir doug Nicholls was a big part of that by playing AFL for Fitzroy and Carlton and he got into politics. AFL Sir doug Nicholls indigenous round is a special round for not only indigenous players and families but non indigenous players and people to.

Why did it take so long te let Aboriginals be Australian Citizens 

Why does it take so long for Aboriginals to be recognised and why do people be racist indigenous people

Indigenous people mean a lot to Australia and people should not be treating them like they don’t have a say in the world.

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