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This video was about how hard it is to be an AFL player. Also how the Australian outback has some of the greatest talent.

Most of the best AFL players are indigenous being an AFL player is a serious job. A lot of the boys from the Kimberly in WA get drafted and have to move to another state and they can get homesick. A lot of the outback boys they say it can be hard to adapt to a different lifestyle and have to speak English and not your own. Sam Petrevski-seton who plays for Carlton in the AFL he was just like the boys he came from Halls creek WA and now has become one of the AFL’s greatest young talents.

1. How did the boys handle being homesick 

2. How did Sam Petrevski-Seton transform into an AFL player

I know how mental AFL can be and how it takes a lot skill to make it into the AFL.




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