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Creak creak it was the sound of death it was a violin. I hate the sound of the violin it is a sickening sound I wish I could just snap it in half it just sounds so Annoying. I need a break of that horror so I grabbed my Scarlet coloured Cushion and laid down it did not really help. I wondered around and I found my earphones so I got them and listened  to some Chance the rapper and Kendrick Lamar. Until I felt thirsty so I went to the kitchen and got a glass of water I had sip it tasted like alcohol I looked at ten bottle Nooooooooooo! I was drinking alcohol I quickly Watered it out my parents were coming in the house  they will know from my breath I had to tell them mum dad I was drinking alcohol on accident ” what do you mean me and your mother don’t drink”.





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