100 WC …as the door slammed, I knew…

As I was about to leave someone walked right past me there eyes were dark brown they were so brown they were sparkling. I walked past without saying a word I was to nervous to say anything. I was going to leave until another person walked by i was trying to get to the door but then there was like 60 people in front of me. I swirled and curved my way through the crowd. I was a couple of steps to get to the door at last I had made it as the door slammed I knew I was safe.

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  1. antsclass at |

    Josh- this is a great little piece that uses pace to develop suspense-it left me wondering what the danger was, and why the character needed to exit so quickly.
    Please remember to reread carefully before you publish-there are about 6 full stops missing-see if you can spot where they should be,

  2. Finn Darlington at |

    I thought this was really good and I liked the suspense in it.
    Excellent work Josh


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