Joy poem

Joy when I am at Parc des princes watching PSG win. The crowd cheer like they are filled with beer.                                                                                                                                    Joy when I am watching Neymar and Mbappe score for PSG. Joy when i hear the 90 minute whistle blow.Joy seeing Pogba dab and celebrate. Joy when I him run as fast as a cheetah. Joy when I see Sturridge do his dance. Joy when he gets the chance to score. Joy when Brazil FC win the world cup. Brazil FC are the best just like PSG. Joy when I go to Nike and don’t need to get a bike. I alot of things its like I bought the whole store. Joy when I see Gabriel Jesus score and celebrate the Alô Mãe. Joy when I know Neymar is my favourite player. he is my idol he wins the ballon dor what more can he get and he did not leave Barcelona in regret. Joy when I see Griezmann and Neymar do the hotline bling every time they score they get the cha ching cha ching. 

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  1. ziggy2014 at |

    Hey Josh,
    Great job with this poem. I have been noticing you in class putting all your effort in your work and this shoes you really are. We all know your joy is soccer and this reflects that really well.
    Keep up the good work

  2. ethanh2016 at |

    Hi Josh,
    This was a great poem that you did and you did really well showing that your joy was soccer keep it up


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