My year


Dear Daniel

This year has been amazing with you and our friends. I hope you had fun with the boyz. I remember when we played super Mario run and when you through Jett’s ball at the monkey bars. Or when you through his ball down the slide and when you ran away from the bug that Ryan and Byron caught.

My Fun year

This year we had a lot of fun with activities and excursions. One of the things I enjoyed was camp. My 2 favourite activities were Surfing and Sandboarding they were fun because we were with our friends. The food was ok`the bacon was pretty good the BBQ was good and the meat pies were pretty good.

PT challenge

Another excursion was the PT challenge it was fun because this lady offered us a snicker. Also it was fun when we got a picture with Lionel Messi and it was just a picture of him.

Sepep was the best thing year I got to wear my PSG kit and my Neymar Jr Nike shoes. We won most of our games I scored a lot of goals for my team. Our team was probably one of the best and skilful teams. Our team was called the Barcelona pandas but I wore my PSG kit instead of my Barcelona one.


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